Patient Stories

Back to Work, Back To Life, Four Months After a Stroke

Chris Kelly experienced a stroke at age 33, but is making a comeback thanks to Shepherd Center.

Rebuilding a Life After Traumatic Brain Injury

Mark Caprio, 30, of Huntsville, Ala., survived a horrific automobile accident in 2001 only because a nurse and her EMT tech husband happened onto the scene and kept his windpipe clear until an ambulance arrived.But because he had a brain injury, Mark remembers little of those life-and-death struggles. He does remember going back to college, becoming an all-conference baseball player, making the dean’s list and getting his degree. And he is grateful today that he has a job and is living independently, but he says he still feels he has much to accomplish.

Young Mom Credits Shepherd Center for her Recovery from Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Alexa Bennett, 19, of Woodstock, Ga., sustained a C-2 spinal cord injury, fractured pelvis and a traumatic brain injury in an early-morning car accident on Oct. 5, 2012. What paramedics didn’t realize when they first reached the scene was that Alexa was also 12 weeks pregnant. Her path to rehabilitation would become more time-sensitive than most.

Saul Raisin Makes a Comeback from a Brain Injury

Saul Rasin, who sustained a brain injury in a cycling race in 2006, reached his goal of making it back to the road an incredible four and a half months after his injury. Five years later, he has run two marathons, competed in five half-Iron Man triathlons, does motivational speaking and is taking college classes. He also started the Raisin Hope Foundation ( Saul visits Shepherd Center to share his story with other patients.